September 09, 2008

kanye west album title + release date

So, after all the speculation about the album being named something school related (like Reunion, A Good Ass Job, et-cetera), the name of Kanye's 4th studio album has been announced.

808's and Heartbreak

I think it's a pretty good title, seeing how he's evolved so much as an artist and the recent death of his mother has to be on his mind. So, this will be his first album released after his mother has passed and it should be very emotional. Especially if Love Lockdown was any indication of what it will be like.

The album also has a release date and it's December 16th, right before Christmas. So, if you're a little two.shotter with no job, ask your parents for this for Christmas. I'm sure they'll be happy to buy it and, hell, they might buy a copy too.

- MX

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