September 09, 2008

nfl week one

So just make the Packers 1-0 after this week. Fuck the Vikings. Oh, and this is for Black Jaysus... nah, Adrian Peterson can't carry the Viqueens to a victory as you predicted. It's all about the green and gold.
*cough cough* So... after Week One, we see the Pats lose their star, the Colts get smashed, the Raiders get embarassed, Favre looking really good in his Jets debut, the Bengals continuing to be terrible, and there's something else I'm forgetting. Maybe it slipped my mind...

Oh, yeah. Aaron Rodgers proving that, after 4 years of learning from the best, he can lead HIS Green Bay Packers to a victory.

The game was crazy good. Aaron proved that he is more than ready to take over and the Vikings looked... eh. All they have is Peterson. I tried to tell all of you this. Oh well, the final score was:

Green Bay Packers - 24
Minnesota Vikings - 19

For all the other scores from Week One, all you have to do is Lambeau Leap.

- MX

Week 1
Washington Redskins 7-16 N.Y. Giants
Detroit Lions 21-34 Atlanta Falcons
Cincinnati Bengals 10-17 Baltimore Ravens
Seattle Seahawks 10-34 Buffalo Bills
N.Y. Jets 20-14 Miami Dolphins
Kansas City Chiefs 10-17 New England Patriots
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20-24 New Orleans Saints
St. Louis Rams 3-38 Philadelphia Eagles
Houston Texans 17-38 Pittsburgh Steelers
Jacksonville Jaguars 10-17 Tennessee Titans
Dallas Cowboys 28-10 Cleveland Browns
Carolina Panthers 26-24 San Diego Chargers
Arizona Cardinals 23-13 San Francisco 49ers
Chicago Bears 29-13 Indianapolis Colts
Minnesota Vikings 19-24 Green Bay Packers
Denver Broncos 41-14 Oakland Raiders
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  1. They do face again, MX, lol

    Aaron Rodgers showed off, but hehe ... how long will it last? Lol!

    I do have to say it was better than that fucking Oakland game. WHERE THE HELL IS THE D'??????????

    Your Packs' won this round ... There's another round to go, lol. VIKES SHALL SEEK REVENGE!!!!

    Al Harris though .... oooooooooohhhhhhhhh

    It's all good MX, we got the next round. :D

  2. Haha, yeah they play again and it's in the Metrodome next time so all the fucking faggot vikings fans will be there.

    Still, it was a good game top to bottom. As for the Oakland game... Ha.ha.ha. Russell isn't any good, why don't people realize this.

  3. I have no clue, he has a hell of an arm, but you can't shoot without aim. DeAngelo got toasted w/o the butter. Hopefully the poor souls will show up next week.

  4. hopefully... Denver looked good though. Cutler actually came to play, which was a good thing.

  5. Indeed, glad he had a good night, maybe it'll lead into next week