September 11, 2008

kanye west arrested at l.a.x

So, as I said in the Love Lockdown post, this has been a big week for Kanye West. And, apparently, more is going on with 'Ye.

Kanye West was arrested this morning at the Los Angeles Exchange International Airport for vandalism. Apparently, he felt the papparazzi was invading his privacy so after a little scuffle, he took their camera and smashed it on the ground.

I just took a deep breath because Kanye doesn't need to be arrested for stupid shit like this. When is there going to be privacy laws for the papparazzi and other people? Do you think they want to be photographed when they go out? Nah, I don't think so.

In any case, TMZ were the ones who caught this on tape and they have posted the video on their website. Peep Kanye rockin' the designer backpack. Only Kanye!

UPDATE: Kanye + his bodyguard have been released from jail on a $20,000 bond. They were charged with felony vandalism. I still think it's some bullshit that they were arrested.

- MX


  1. I heard about this on the hip-hop station in my area, and they have a thing called 60 second E, so a minute full of entertainment news.

    I heard the bs with what happened with Kanye at the airport. It's fucking sad how they will arrest one for breaking a damn camera, just because they want to keep their privacy, but they won't lock up people who do more serious harm.

    Paparrazzi's need to be served, as you said, with privacy laws on people. That's why many of the paps' get hurt, too fucking nosey.

    Good to see Kanye out of lock-up, but yeah, it's a bunch of bullocks. I saw that backpack, haha ... only K.West ...

  2. I think it's unfair the amount of attention that is placed on stars, but in the same light, they chose to become famous and that's part of the life they chose to live.

    Now, he shouldn't have been arrested. That's just dumb.

    On a lighter side, this is about the first time I've ever seen Kanye not want some spotlight.