September 28, 2008

megatron concept (transformers: revenge of the fallen)

By now, you all should know how big of a Transformers fan I am (my name is Megatronix after all). As I was searching on the web for images of Generation 1 Megatron, I came across a link that made me even more excited for the new Transformers movie.

The new concept images for Megatron in TF2 have been revealed.

If you haven't read the 'possible' script treatment for Transformers 2 that I posted forever ago, you can go ahead and check it out. Then you'll know that there is a 'possible' return for Megatron. Still, the new Megatron puts the one from TF1 to shame. I was dissapointed in the jet design (always been a fan of the gun model) but this one blows the jet away. I'm a little confused about how, after they dumped Megatron's body into the lake, how he became the model I'm about to post. I guess the Decepticons rebuilt him, I don't know.

You really need to hit the jump on this one because, even if you're not a Megatron fan, you'll really think these images are dope. Fuck an Autobot.

I live under the rule of the Decepticons.

- MX

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