August 07, 2008

Transformers 2 Script Treatment Leaked

That's the poster from the first one... I just thought it looked cool. Apparently, the Script Treatment has been leaked for the new Transformers movie coming out in 2009. Basically what a script treatment is is a synopsis of what goes on in the story and how it plays out. I have the script treatment for you all to download but I'm not sure if zshare will take it down or not, so just in case, I've put all the spoilers after the jump.

(You'll have to highlight them to read them because they are spoilers for a major summer blockbuster movie.)

All I have to say is that if you're a Transformers fan (or fanatic like myself), this movie doesn't dissapoint in my opinion. Lots of shit goes on and hopefully you enjoy the script treatment.

DOWNLOAD: Transformers 2 Script Treatment

- MX

SPOILERS (Remember to highlight)

Starscream's Protoform

Starscream becomes King of Decepticons

Soundwave in his protoform

Soundwave & his faction of Decepticons are loyal only to Megatron

Starscream & his faction of Decepticons are loyal only to him; they all stay in their protoforms

Decepticon Ship Nemesis

Nemesis transforms into a U.S. Aircraft Carrier

Soundwave & his faction transform into Military Vehicles; Soundwave scans & transforms into a prototype for a large, military-grade focused sound laser

Soundwave can bring Transformers back to life

Megatron is dependent on Soundwave to stay alive after he is brought back

Hot Rod comes to Earth; Hot Rod becomes Mikaela's Protector

Agent Simmons is enlisted by the Autobots to help them

The Matrix of Leadership

Constructicons & Devestator

Ultra Magnus & he carries other Autobots while all in vehicle mode

Autobots & U.S. Military make a defense perimeter at the Luxor in Las Vegas; Prime oversees everyone

Military Sabot rounds have no effect whatsoever this time round

Skorponok returns

Stratosphere is blown up

Megatron & Starscream fight each other in one on one combat
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  1. Don't take this as gospel, as Michael Bay stated that they would purposely leak false information this time around.