September 23, 2008

nfl week three

Yeah, yeah. Packers lost. I know. All you Cowboys fans can rejoice for now. And Al Harris has a ruptured spleen and will probably be out for the season. So... let's change the subject.

Anyone see the Dolphins/Pats game or highlights? Ronnie Brown was a beast. Whomever had him on their fantasy team should be very happy. Speaking of Fantasy Football, I lost in one and won in the other. So that makes me 2-1 in my ESPN one and 3-0 in my Yahoo one. So what else? Giants beat my hometown Bengals in overtime, Brett Favre couldn't bring the sorry Jets to a victory tonight, Jacksonville beat the struggling Colts, and the Buffalo Bills lead in the AFC East.

Something's wrong with that picture.

Anyways, you know where you can find all the scores... after the Lambeau Leap (which didn't happen this week.)

- MX

Kansas City Chiefs 14-38 Atlanta Falcons
Oakland Raiders 23-24 Buffalo Bills
Tampa Bay 27-24 Chicago Bears (OT)
Carolina Panthers 10-20 Minnesota Vikings
Miami Dolphins 38-13 New England Patriots
Cincinnati Bengals 23-26 N.Y. Giants (OT)
Houston Texans 12-31 Tennessee Titans
Arizona Cardinals 17-24 Washington Redskins
New Orleans Saints 32-34 Denver Broncos
Detroit Lions 13-31 San Francisco 49ers
St. Louis Rams 13-37 Seattle Seahawks
Cleveland Browns 10-28 Baltimore Ravens
Jacksonville Jaguars 23-21 Indianapolis Colts
Pittsburgh Steelers 6-15 Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys 27-16 Green Bay Packers
N.Y. Jets 29-48 San Diego Chargers
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