September 22, 2008

killa instinct

I can't believe I forgot to post this. I thought I did but I just got done doing some yard work and realized that I didn't. I'll let vinylpulse describe this crazy figure. They'll do a better job than I could.
Marka27’s next dope vinyl figure, Killa Instinct, produced by Bic Plastics will be throwing down on both coasts with two release parties next month. Suru will drop Killa Instinct first in LA on Saturday, October 4th followed a week later by myplasticheartnyc in NYC on October 11th.

Marka and Bic Plastics have raised the bar with Killa Instinct. Transformed by toxic spray paint fumes, this mutated graff writer (looking quite a bit like Marka himself) is ready for action with tools of the trade – a bad-ass removable gas mask, spray can, marker, bolt cutters, finger rings, and more.

Graff is part of Killa Instinct’s being. So much so that he’s got a spray can erupting out of his back. Don’t you dare call him a hunch back though. The spray can which fuels his exploits directly through his gas mask also doubles as a secret stash with a removable top – for markers, an old school King or whatever else you want.
The starting price of Killa Instinct is $95. It stands 8 inches tall and only 300 are being made. I would so buy this if I could. I'd sit them next to my few Dunny 5 figues and my Kidrobot Simpsons figures I got a week or so ago. Anyways, there are more pictures of the figure at this location.

By the way, if you're in NYC and want to see the launch of this figure here is the address:

210 Forsyth St.
New York, New York 10002

- MX

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