October 15, 2008

kanye west 'heartless' + vbkw listening party info

kanye west 'heartless'

It's here fellow two.shotters. I've been hearing snippets of this song for a while and I didn't want to post them because I don't like to tease. However, Kanye released the song his blog and even though it's not the mastered version it's something. You know 'Ye isn't going to release the mastered version. Props to the dopeboyz for uploading this dope track.

Also, the other day Kanye had his listening party with Italian designer Vanessa Beecroft. theFader covered the listening party and guess what? Kanye plans on releasing ANOTHER album in June of 2009!

Check out Kanye performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live + the tentative tracklist for 808's and Heartbreak after the jump.

- MX


1. Welcome to Heartbreak
2. Heartless
3. Love Lockdown
4. Robocop
5. Anyway
6. Street Lights
7. Say You Will
8. Bad News
9. Amazing
10. Tell Everybody That You Know
11. Coldest Winter

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