October 14, 2008

nfl week six

This week in the NFL, some teams were not playing around. Like my Green Bay Packers, who improved to 3-3 and now are in a three way tie for the lead in the NFC North. The Texans were not playing as they won in the last few seconds. The Rams were tired of being winless while the Bengals and Lions seem to be happy with the goose egg in their win column.

And did you see the Sunday and Monday night games?

How 'bout them Cardinals? They broke Romo's pinky and now he's out for four weeks. Ouch. And... who saw the Browns beating the New York football Giants? I know my girl's brother in law is extremely happy about it. Lemme know what you thought about this insane week in what is an amazing NFL season.

Full scores are after the Lambeau Leap.

- MX


(Byes: Buffalo, Kansas, Pittsburgh, Tennessee)  

Chicago Bears 20-22 Atlanta Falcons 

Miami Dolphins 28-29 Houston Texans 

Baltimore Ravens 3-31 Indianapolis Colts 

Detroit Lions 10-12 Minnesota Vikings 

Oakland Raiders 3-34 New Orleans Saints 

Cincinnati Bengals 14-26 N.Y. Jets 

Carolina Panthers 3-27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

St. Louis Rams 19-17 Washington Redskins 

Jacksonville Jaguars 24-17 Denver Broncos  

Dallas Cowboys 24-30 Arizona Cardinals (OT) 

Philadelphia Eagles 40-26 San Francisco 49ers 

Green Bay Packers 27-17 Seattle Seahawks 

New England 10-30 San Diego Chargers 


N.Y. Giants 14-35 Cleveland Browns

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1 comment:

  1. First off, the Browns looked like last year ... explosive on offense and hard-hitting on defense. Last night, I was very, very impressed.

    This week, I'd like to call it ... "Shock Trauma", because the top teams never seen it coming.

    Cowboys, LOL .... T.O is gonna phone Brad Johnson to death to tell him repeatedly "throw him the ball".

    Cardz are on top in their division which is finally nice to see because I've been a small supporter of them for a good while, and now with that stadium, it's due for them to come up into the horizon. And to be the first team ever to win an OT game by a blocked punt for touchdown. Crazy!

    My Skins took it extremely on the chin, so bad there were rumors of our Tackle, Pete Kendall was put on "watch" because he blame the loss sorely on him. which is untrue. However, if our cornerback chose to actually keep with the receiver and swatted the ball away, that kick would've never happened.

    But things happen. We got good news, since our backup RB is down currently atm, Skins are supposedly bringing in and hopefully signing MVP, and former Seahawk, Shaun Alexander, so I hope it happens ...

    The rest of the teams were wow, especially my "Power Blue" Chargers in the throwbacks ... beating Patriots ass ... sure it wasn't Brady, but a win was a win.

    Lions will prolly win five games if they just play "hungrily" enough.