November 20, 2008

a clean slate

So... after careful deliberation and talking with Sin, we've decided to call Wordpress.come our home. Not only is it a cleaner userface but it has many, many more options that Blogger does. Now, I'm not going to diss blogger because they've been good to us over the last few months. I'm just tired of my posts being taken down and a random, generic e-mail being sent out all to me for the last month. That's bogus. Now, if you like Blogger than stay with it. It was just time for the 2 shotters to find a new home. And it's due, anyways. This post will be on the wordpress account and the blogger account and the link to the new site will be at the end of this post. From now on, go to the wordpress account and make that your new home away from home.

Also, if you want to look at the archived things in the old blog, I'll keep the link in the affiliates section just in case. If you have me as an affiliate, remember to change to the wordpress address.

Peace Blogger... it was nice knowing ya.


- MX & Scottish Sin

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