November 19, 2008

two.shot to wordpress?

So, this is something that I personally have been thinking a lot about recently. I keep getting e-mails from Blogger saying they're taking down my posts because of 'copyright laws'. DMCA or something like that. Honestly, it's irritating me. I've had, probably, 10 of my posts taken down THIS MONTH because of things like that. For example, they took down Kanye West + Young Jeezy's 'Amazing' that I put up a few days ago. Why? Copyright infringement. Now, if they would have looked into this, they would have realized that the link was directly off of Kanye's blog. This is part of the reason I've halted the mx dailies. They probably would take off the link.

Also, they took off Lil Wayne's The Leak 5 when MIXTAPES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FREE TO THE PUBLIC!

So, I have to talk to Sin about it but your mothers favorite blog might be moving to wordpress. We'll let you know and have a full report on it as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding.

- MX


  1. Oh shit ... so that's why I see 'strikethroughs the some of the posts ... woah.

    I have never even heard of wordpress ... I might check that out, never heard of it before, just blogger and livejournal but nothing else...

  2. Wish I could edit my previous comment ...

    Checked it, holy damn!