November 19, 2008

kanye west '808s and hearbreak' (kaws official itunes cover)

Spotted at the dopeboyz. KAWS, the infamous artist who has taken Mickey Mouse and Spongebob and made them look ultra dope, has redone the iTunes cover for 808's and Heartbreak. I like this cover better than the actual cover, which is basically the Love Lockdown single cover. This'll probably be the album art for the album which comes out in less than a week.

Are you ready for the heartbreak? I am.

- MX


  1. That cover looks dope as hell man, loving the hands, clinching the heart and the white gloves with the "X" ... Straight Edge'd, lol

    Good one, I'm ready ...

    You're posting the mixtape of West today, right? I'm in a Kanye stage, like with Lupe and JayHov' ..

  2. I would be posting the mixtape but it's not out yet. There's a stream but I'd rather put up the mixtape for download. That is, if Blogger doesn't take it down.