November 19, 2008

trying to dance? watch this girl

God, I love stupid people getting hurt doing stupid things. Spotted at Jay's heaven (I check it on.the.regular) and this made my night. The funny shit doesn't happen till the end but watch her kick... she's on some Mortal Kombat shit with that kick. That, or some Hwoarang shit. Remember that kid from Tekken? That was my dude right there. Kick you straight in the face with no remorse. Tekken was a dope ass game man. Not better than Virtua Fighter, but good.

Lion from VF>>>>>>>>>>>anyone from Tekken, MK, Marvel vs. Capcom (save Felicia), Dynasty Warriors, Soul Caliber, DBZ Budakai, or Guilty Gear.

- MX

1 comment:

  1. Watching this makes me want to open a private school for people who CANNOT dance, example, that chick right there.

    Show them, there's more to just trying to imitate their favorite Martial Artist in their dance routine and causing themselves either serious injuries or possible death. Doing shit like she did at the end ... it would end up at option 2.

    LOL. Shit is crazy man, and just because of that Tekken reference, I now want to play that bitch, Tekken 4 ... as Hwoarang.