November 02, 2008

swagger jackers

But you don't give a fuck
You're just a swagger jacker
Now I'm a certified lamborghinist and cadillacer

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and all. I know I did. Anyways, I'm gonna start expanding the things I post on two.shot. Instead of it being just about the latest songs and shit in music or the dopest vinyl toys or the sickest gaming coverage, I want to pick something and just write my thoughts about it.

I mean, hell, that's the original intent of a blog, right?

Well, this is a topic that I've been sitting on for quite some time. Ever since Swagger Like Us hit the scene, people have been either freestyling over the beat, creating their own version, or dissing the decision of the four original people: The Louis Vuitton Don, Hova, Weezy F Baby, and TIP.

For example Jim Jones had a freestyle called 'Swagger From Us', saying that they took the swagger from them. He even went to diss T.I. and said that no one wants to have his swagger because when people go into a store, they always ask 'I wanna dress like Jim Jones'. This was Jimmy's argument and maybe he's right. No one wants to dress like T.I. but how does T.I. dress? What does his attire have to do with his swagger? See, too many people have this swagger word twisted.

Let's break it down.

According to, swagger is defined as 'to walk or conduct oneself with an insolent or arrogant air; strut.' Now, in this context, a homeless guy could strut his shit on the Boardwalk and have extrodinary swag. Doesn't matter if his clothes are fresh or his LV shades fit right on his face or his G-Shock watch is set to the right time. It's all about how you carry yourself.

Shit, why do you think ugly guys get bangin' chicks? All about their swagger.

Swagger is like having an sense of confidence. If you have a ton of swagger, you can get anything. Because you're about confidence. People appreciate someone who has swagger. So for Jim Jones to say 'T.I. doesn't have swagger because no one wants to dress like him' means nothing. The argument holds no weight.

Now we move on to the article which spawned this whole post.

Ricky Ross aka the Correctional Officer aka Rick Ross the Boss aka that big black dude who was shirtless on the cover of XXL magazine. Now, on an article I saw on, Rick Ross clarifies that he isn't pissed about not being on S.L.U. and the rumors he'll be on S.L.U. II are unconfirmed. Here's my second point I have to make. Why the fuck does everyone want to be on this record? Yes, the beat is hot but shit... make your own song about swagger. I mean, hell, Diddy did his own and it's genius.

No one on the corner have swagger like puff...

See what I mean? He created his own twist on the song. It's not a remix, a freestyle, or a 'swagger jacker'. It's his own swag because, let's be honest, nukka as a ton of swag. Why? He's confident, he's intelligent with his money, and his money gives him a new sense of confidence.

Still... what have we learned tonight two.shotters?

I. Your attire does not determine your swag.
II. Don't desire to get on this record and say you have your own 'swag'.

You know what you are when you do that? You're a swagger jacker.

- MX

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