August 05, 2008

Banned Calvin Klein Ad (Featuring Eva Mendes)

So here's the deal. This is the new CK commercial featuring the amazingly beautiful Eva Mendes. Now, in this commercial Eva is rolling around in an unmade bed and there happens to be a nipple slip.

Which is why American Execs won't put this on television.

I call bullshit. See, in the UK, this would be absolutely fine. But in America we can't have a one second nipple slip? You really can't notice it unless you're looking for it. Oh well, we have the magic of YouTube to keep this ad alive.

UPDATE: So, I come home from work and see the original video has been removed from YouTube. So I put up another one. Then after posting the Wii Fit article I check this post again and guess what? It's gone. So it's up for a third time. Youtube will probably take this down again so if they do... then I'll find it somewhere else. Be patient young two-shotters.

UPDATE 2: If the video goes down, go here and watch it. See... I told you I'd find a solution.

- MX

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  1. I'm a resident two.shotter and I approve this post and vid ... :D