August 25, 2008

chamillionaire 'internet nerds revenge'

Mixtape Messiah IV drops Wednesday! I'll definitely be getting my copy and I'll give you good people a review of the album (which I haven't done since T.O.S: Trash On Sight). So I peeped this on 2dopeboyz (they're baaaaack) and I decided to pull myself away from S.L.U. and check this out.

I'm glad I did.

It's a good view at all the haters that blog about Chamillionaire. I mean, shit, I hate on artists because I don't personally like it but that doesn't mean others don't like him. Example: Soulja Boy. I think he's terrible but people like him. These are just my opinions. We are all haters... it's just to what degree.


The article that Chamilli had at mtvnews (including him speaking on 'Internet Nerds Revenge') is after the triple jump. Another track and field reference... shut up, I'm a former shot putter/discus thrower. It's in my blood.

- MX

I think the other ones are so critically acclaimed by fans, I wanna keep that competiveness up with myself," he told us in Houston, where he was waiting to record a freestyle with Killer Mike. "They'll compare this one to the other Mixtape Messiahs. Mixtape Messiah 1 is probably my biggest one thus far. It came out of nowhere. At that time, I had the beef with Mike Jones, and it was a triple-disc CD. Nobody did that. It was real shock value. I'm gonna keep on competing with myself. I might not drop a triple disc; it's a double disc this time. But it's two CDs full of nothing but new material."
Koopa describes this CD as a return to full-throttle rawness with hard punch lines.

"Sometimes I say punch lines to myself and be like, 'This punch line is trying a little too hard,' " he said. "But I know my fans like that. So I'mma give it to them. A lot of fans that like me, like me because I used to take whoever's beat was hot and even beats that weren't hot, that were classic. Let's get it."

You'll be able to get a hard copy of this mixtape in the streets, unlike the last MM.

"I released a part three not too long ago," the Houston native said. "We did the digital [release]. A lot of people were hesitant to put out music a little while ago in the mixtape game. I seen a lot of DJs stop dropping mixtapes. I put mine out online for free. I think it says a lot, though, when you're taking the time to press it up and doing the actual CD. It needs to be physically in the street and hit them nooks and crannies. There's spots where the big artists don't go, but that's where I'm gonna go. We gonna start off slow and go with it."

But fans won't get too long to let this CD marinate, because Mixtape Messiah 5 is coming soon. Chamillionaire has been talking to a slew of DJs — from Drama to Cannon to Whoo Kid — about possibly collaborating with them on the next tape.

Then he'll drop his third album.

"I been working on it for a minute, since The Ultimate Victory," the Grammy winner revealed. "That's crazy, because a lot of my fans think I been on vacation."

Chamillionaire has over 30 records in the can for the still-untitled official project.

"Roll Call Reloaded." "On a couple of the other Mixtape Messiah records, I did a roll call, and it's a fire drill of all the other rappers," he said. "I call it a fire drill because we run down a list of everybody that's hot, and I'm gonna exactly rap their styles just to be creative. I start off with Jeezy, then I do Jim Jones, I do Rich Boy, Game, Jay-Z. I do E-40, Lil Weezy, Rick Ross. I had to cut the record because I did a whole bunch of people. I took a B.G. beat and just repped that. This is just one thing to show creativity."

"Internet Nerd's Revenge." "The online thing is real big right now," Cham said. "Even though I'm dropping this in the streets ... I see rappers online, and it matters what's said online. You go to and see what they saying on Mixtape Monday. Fans complain about everything. They complain about Weezy when he does right, when he do wrong. Same thing with Kanye and everybody. Me and my boys went to all these Web sites, and we took a whole list of everything everybody said bad about Chamillionaire. I did a rap like I'm the person sitting at the computer typing and saying bad stuff about Chamilllionaire. It's some little kid that's on the Internet. He's young; he's getting all this stuff he's saying about me. His mother comes in and asks him, 'Did you take your medication? Are you on those porno sites again?' I'm rapping like I'm him in his voice."

"Go Hard." "I heard this beat that the Clipse did," Chamillionaire told us. "I don't know what album it's on. I really mess with the Clipse too. I remember saying, 'Who did this beat?' It was just knocking. I told my DJ to send the instrumental and said, 'I'm about to rip this.' No purpose, just a whole bunch of punch lines, bringing a little aggressiveness to the mixtape. People might have seen me in my last video dressed like a white man, they might have got it twisted. We're bringing it back to the streets."

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