August 07, 2008

Hori Fighting Stick EX2 – Soul Calibur IV Limited Edition

Sin and I are fuckin' brutal with the updates today. Today's been a good day for news and shit. So, I'm sure you all read Sin's review of Soul Caliber IV and I found this new accessory to play the dope ass fighting game with.

The Hori Fighting Stick EX2 is being released for the Xbox 360 & the Playstation 3, each being released with the light and dark theme respectively. The light theme fighting stick contains Siegfried, Hilde and Ivy and the dark theme contains Hilde, Mitsurugi, and Nightmare.

The only difference in the two, besides the theme, is that the PS3 version has three turbo buttons and the 360 version comes without them.

Since Hori is a Japanese company, the design for the fighting stick has a contemporary arcade look with the rounded lollipop-styled control stick and the buttons lined in a downward arc. This is definitely different than the cabinet style American players are used to.

I'll make sure that I pick this up when I get my 360 back. I'm killer at Soul Caliber IV, as I've won tournaments and shit in this game. I'll need a bit of refreshing but as soon as I get my Nightmare business on, I'll be fire.

For more pictures, hit the jump.

- MX

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