September 22, 2008

red demon: classico

Red Demon: Classico
Price: $44.99

Only 500 of these were made and they're restocking soon. Here's what myplasticheart said about Red Demon.

Red Demon is a member of the Luchadores5, a group of brawlers that uses practiced skills in the ancient arts of Lucha Libre to protect their East L.A. turf from thugs and monsters. It’s too bad their neighbors see them as a bunch of overgrown dorks.

Red Demon has worked very hard to become the “cool guy” in the group. He wears the nicest clothes and moves in the smoothest manner. He’s also really good at picking up on women (which is really hard to do when you’re always wearing a mask)…but has a very difficult time maintaining a long-term relationship.

This might be a bit old but this is the first time I've seen it, so it's new to me. Still listening to the new Streets album. I'll have a full review either tonight or Twosday.

- MX

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