September 19, 2008

t.i. 'paper trail' full album leaked

Before I start... did you see THIS? After getting home from having some SoCo and Coke's (Delicious, but didn't drink more than three), this made my night for sure. But Hendrix finally getting some recognition in the Guitar Hero series? Amazing, really. That will be the game I play forever.


So, it appears T.I.'s highly anticipated album, Paper Trail, has been leaked on the internet. The album is scheduled to come out 09/30, but it's been leaked about a week or so early. Apparently, the album is full of remorseful, thoughtful tracks that include how he has changed into a better man and how he feels so bad about how his longtime friend, Philant Johnson, was killed right here in Cincinnati at Club Ritz. I remember the night that happened... there was a shootout on the highway and his friend got shot over him throwing money and the people in the club got pissed.

Money always brings out the worst in people.

And, even though the song's been out forever, Swagger Like Us will be on the album according to Atlantic Records.

So, if you can find the album, let MX know how it is. Hell, maybe I'll go on a hunt for it myself. Though, if the album is good I'll buy it. I got an early copy of L.A.X. but I bought that the day it came out. I support good music. You should too.

As I said, Paper Trail legally comes out 09/30.

- MX

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